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            Paint Additives Brief introduction
            1、Solvent-based additive
            Defoamers FHT-F2000
            Defoamers FHT-F2010
            Defoamers FHT-F2013
            Defoamers FHT-F2030
            Defoamers FHT-F2040
            Defoamers FHT-F2080
            Defoamers FHT-F2300
            Defoamers FHT-F2500
            Defoamers FHT-F2561
            Defoamers FHT-F2202
            Defoamers FHT-C1640
            Defoamers FHT-C166H
            Leveling agent
            Leveling agent FHT-F3010
            Leveling agent FHT-F3030
            Leveling agent FHT-F3050
            Leveling agent FHT-F3181
            Leveling agent FHT-F3070
            Leveling agent FHT-F3081
            Wetting agent FHT-F3083
            Leveling agent FHT-F3100
            Leveling agent FHT-F3200
            Leveling agent FHT-F3300
            Leveling agent FHT-F3400
            Leveling agent FHT-F3230
            Leveling agent FHT-F3058
            Leveling agent FHT-F3077
            Leveling agent FHT-F3432
            Leveling agent FHT-F3333
            Leveling agent FHT-F3306
            Leveling agent FHT-F3323
            Leveling agent FHT-F3323A
            Dispersant FHT-F4010
            Dispersant FHT-F4011
            Dispersant FHT-F4013
            Dispersant FHT-F4013S
            Dispersant FHT-F4020
            Dispersant FHT-F4021
            Dispersant FHT-F4030
            Dispersant FHT-F4031
            Dispersing anti-settling agent FHT-F4035
            Dispersing anti-settling agent FHT-F4036
            Dispersing anti-settling agent FHT-F4050
            Dispersing anti-settling agent FHT-C30020
            Dispersing anti-settling agent FHT-C24040
            Dispersant FHT-F4051
            Dispersant FHT-F4150
            Ink dispersing agent FHT-F7018
            Dispersant FHT-F4063
            Dispersant FHT-F4800
            Dispersant FHT-F4210
            Dispersant FHT-F4204
            Dispersant FHT-F4203
            Dispersant FHT-F4263
            Dispersant FHT-F4215
            Wetting dispersing agent FHT-C500HP
            Wetting and dispersing agents FHT-C503
            Wetting and dispersing agents FHT-C510D
            Wetting and dispersing agents FHT-C633K
            Wetting thixotropic agent FHT-C320P
            Special assistant
            Hammer agent FHT-F6010
            Hammer agent FHT-F6110
            Anti-out silver agent FHT-F6031
            Anti-settling agent FHT-F6100
            Anti-skinning agents FHT-F6410
            Cratering agent FHT-C84
            Cratering agent FHT-C89
            Leveling smooth agent FHT-C706
            Adhesion promoter FHT-FADP
            2、Aqueous additives
            Defoamers FHT-K2581
            Defoamers FHT-K2501
            Defoamers FHT-F2501S
            Defoamers FHT-F2509
            Defoamers FHT-F2510S
            Defoamers FHT-F2520E
            Leveling agent
            Leveling agent FHT-F3270
            Leveling agent FHT-K3502
            Dispersant FHT-K4527A
            Dispersant FHT-K4535A
            Dispersant FHT-K4590
            Dispersant FHT-K4527A
            Dispersant FHT-K4535A
            Dispersant FHT-K4590

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